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My Aquaponic Gardening book arrived from today


I have had a quick flick through but it looks fantastic and I can't wait to get stuck in and read it from cover to cover


Well done Sylvia


Early night I think

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LMAO!  I've got to say, Aman, that I was doing a quick, early morning, pre-coffee cruise through email to see what was going on in the community and this post, ahhhh, kind of caught my attention.  Too funny!  Thanks for that...I don't even need that coffee now  ...and I hope you enjoy the book!

Sylvia Traveled with me on the plane.  I think she is probably really getting around

I am really enjoying the book Sylvia. It is fantastic

Things are really starting to move along now in the field of aquaponics. I have discussions going on on non related forums and interest is really picking up.

This book is really going to cement your place as a real pioneer of Aquaponics

I wish i had bought a copy straight from you, I might have got a signed copy.


I ordered mine from Amazon before I knew this forum existed


Oh well. Nearly half way through. I will let you know what i think when I get to the end





Shucks....thanks for that, Aman.  Hopefully our paths will cross some day and then I promise to sign your book. 

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