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my water and fish seem to be doing well. i,ve had problems because of the cold weather,so i decided to grow strawberrys. the plant seems to me doing fine, nice and green. however the stawberrys will get about two inchs long and then turn pink to red and then rot. they never make it to rip stage. please advise?

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Deon, do you have moisture on the surface of your grow bed?  Strawberries are very prone to rot if the fruit come in contact with wet media while ripening.

Have you tried picking them sooner and tasting them?  Ours here in N. Fla. go from pink to ripe in a day and they're ready to pick.

Thanks guys for getting back to me so fast. I'm running a flood and drain system but I made sure the water does not come above the rocks, to avoid algae I've been down that road. I will try to pick them when there pink and see if that works. I just would like to see them grow full size and color first
At least you are getting decent size fruit! I'm growing plants in towers and my fruit are about 1/4"! Maybe I haven't given them enough time.

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