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Hello all

I recently moved back to California, i'm living in lucerne valley which is just north of big bear. I have been working on my system it has a fish tank size of 2200 to 2500 gallons and i'm nearly ready to get some fish. I was wondering what type of fish do you all recommend and where can i get them? It can get cold here in the winter being this close to big bear. my system is in a greenhouse but it not heated. My tank is in the ground and covered so i'm not worried about it getting to hot in the summer. i have had koi and gold fish in my last system, but this time I want some fish i can eat.

thank you

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Do you have enough filtration for that big a fish tank?  If you Have good filtration, circulation and aeration as well as some experience, Trout might be appropriate.  Otherwise I'd say catfish and/or bluegill.  Search for fish farms in your state to see what is most easily and most locally available.

i have a few years of expernce with a small test system that had a large fish tank low stock density and a few grow beds made out of small kid swimming pools. my new system is a large hybrid system. when finished it will have 6 grow beds that are 4' x 8' and 1 foot deep around 25 11 liter dutch buckets a small 5 tube NTF and a few vertical tubes. i should have it complete by the end of summer. at the moment i have three beds in and working on the other three

thanks for the quick reply


Check out these guys. If they don't answer the phones J and J will.

If I were near Big Bear Ca. I would want to go with a cold water trout. Golden, Rainbow, Brook, or even Cut throat.  Best of luck to you.

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