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I'm moving to North Virginia in a couple of months, and I will be starting my system there. However, my system will heavily rely on 55 gallon blue barrels, and those that I've seen marketed are overpriced in my opinion.  Where can I get ahold of some good, reliable, and inexpensive blue barrels?  Please help. Much thanks.

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I live in Louisiana and the blue barrels here run about $17 each. Just to give you an idea..

Make sure you get food grade barrels! Just thought I'd throw that out there...

Check Craig's list and also local farm and feed stores. I picked one up near me recently for $20.

I am in NWPA and have been hauling food grade white barrels home from my employer for free. We do use some of the blue barrels that have food grade acids in them, but the white barrels are plentifull. I am planning on cutting them in half top to bottom and using them for grow beds. I am also bringing home some totes to use a FTs, but they are harder to get. I would advise you to look for local industry for a barrel source, like a brewery, bottling plant or food processer. If you were closer I would be glad to have you come by and take some.




Much thanks. Most poeple on Craigslist and ebay are not primary sources of barrels, but rather secondary sources making the profit as the middle man. I'm already looking into bottling companies and municipal water sources to get ahold of them.  In plan on posting the assembly, cycling, ops, and products of my system in the future.



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