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I built a 5'x4' x9" constant flow aerated wicking table bed in May ,I liked it and it's results so much , that I built a second one 11'x2'x6" yesterday plumbing almost complete .This one ,is for root crops and larger plants ,built some Dutch buckets too , to try .running two 150 gal sumps . one will have raft in it as well ,still totally separate from my fish, I like that a lot too ,at this point much safer ,for them . Having a ball ,learning a lot ,so easy to work with .!!

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Sounds interesting. Do you have pictures? And with beds separate from the fish tanks, how do you fertilize?

posted several posts of my system ,including partial pix's ,new setup be ready in a few days ,will post some decent pix's then .The main question 's answer is I back flush my sand and gravel filter of my ponds filter  system in to two 150 gal sumps that feed both the clean water sump that feeds the  gravel bed and the Dutch Buckets and the dirty water sump that's  feeding the two both of my aerated constant flow wicking table beds .Recharged weekly ,excess is fed to ground plants ,then I do a partial water change to the pond to refill pond back to full , virtually no wasted water or nutrients.I have that my unique pond for yrs. Started AP May this yr. ,I think at least for me is the best of both worlds without the draw backs of having fish to worry about ,plants can handle missteps  much easier and allow for experimentation that would be hazardous if not fatal to my fish .I have plenty of rich fish water for food ,mearly filtered ,S&G  water does not go thru bio filter first so it is pure raw collected fish waste ,sumps are in contestant circulation and aeration .So far very happy with results and Growth. Starting late ,greens bolted in heat ,anxious to try fall plantings ,and root crops ,totally out side no greenhouse . Just playing ,experimenting ,A lot of what I had on hand and what DIY conversion have opened many options to plant needs to be able to grow under differing conditions different plants need to be able to grow side by side makes it all the more exciting ,at least for me ! Pumps and plumbing are about all I have had to buy ,cobble , modify and adjust  ,super concept  ,in my live I have done some much with so little ,I am beginning to think ,I can do almost anything with next to nothing ,given  half a chance , Thanks for your reply , I have to have a project ,and this is a satisfying dandy! Carl     

Hi Carl - just saw this thread again, and connected it to the comment on my blog. Now I understand how you are using fish water to fertilize a fishless system. Sounds like you have a good thing going! Hope you have great growth this fall!

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