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I have read almost every post on this site (which I love, by the way).  I am totally new to the whole AP thing, but I have not seen a single post on this topic.  I salvaged two IBCs that previously held peroxide (H202), which is used in poultry processing to combat salmonela.  I researched and discovered peroxide is also used in commercial fisheries to fight algae and fungus infections.  I did clean out the IBCs, but figured that any leaching from the plastic would be nothing but beneficial.

Does anyone have any input?  According to what I remember from college chemistry, the only bi-products of H202 are hydrogen and water.  How could that be bad?

Have there been discussions about actually adding hydrogen peroxide to the FTs?

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Your golden with the H2O2 IBC's...

Sounds the same to me also. Golden.

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