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I'm keith, from northeast ohio (about 30 miles from cleveland on lake erie)

started an ap system outside 2 years ago, moved into the basement that fall..

just ordered gravel for my expansion.. 3 yards delivered wednesday

i have yellow perch, bluegill, local crayfish, one marmokreb, rosy red minnows, glass shrimp, scuds, daphnia and greenwater cultures

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Hi Keith.

I think we know each other. LOL

Keith turned me on to a moving bed bioreactor filter (mbbr) utilizing a 55 gallon drum, diffuser on the bottom, water intake bottom side, and over flow near the top filled with up to 4 cubic feet of MB3 media. Works just as well as some rotating biocontact filters (rbc's) I've built, but cheaper to built and smaller footprint. Just built three for three local high schools and the aquaculture systems I have built for two of them going on three.

howdy Cecil!  good to see you here!


i meant to ask you about the media you found for your mbbr..i know i asked for a link before, but i can't find it..


It's called mb3 and is made here in tbe U.S. How about that! Also half tbe price of Kaldnes which I've been told is now made in China.

Can be purchased from Water Management Technologies. I'd post a link but not sure how to do it on my Ipad. Just do a search for Water Management Technolgies and mb3 and you should find it.

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