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I am 22 and have been obsessed with my freshwater fish tank for the last 2 years. Its nothing to crazy just 20 gallons with some plants, glow fish, frogs and snails. I have recently discovered aquaponics and read Sylvia Bernstein's book. I am very interesting in chasing aquaculture and/or aquaponics as a career. I live in Pennsylvania on My dads 70 acre farm with a stream running through it that is currently feeding 2 man made ponds. He has given me the go ahead to build anything i want for aquaponics. How should i get started? Where should i learn more? i have an old 2500 gallon per hour swimming pool pump which is not being used. Since its nice and big i want to use it. Any ideas? i want to go as big as possible on about 10-20 thousands bucks. the more DIY the better.

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Speaking from a 58 year old viewpoint, amen.

Pat James said:

 but you really need to be realistic and do what is practical for a future. Times are hard and are getting tougher..Use whatever money/resources you have to set yourself up for the long term, NOT just a whim.

Thanks for the feedback. And I have killed plenty of fish but they were very little fish. I am sure a lot of big fish will be sacrificed for the sake of learning. This is some what of a whim to chase as a career but really just an expansion of my fish tank hobby with hopes that it can replace my day job. I realize that commercial aquaponics is mostly about the plants but I have always dreamed of a fish farm. I do not know much about gardening or plants but i am one hell of a learner and an even better doer. I guess I will see where it takes me. I made my first purchase today for my AP system. 20 bucks for 3 10 gal plastic tote grow beds I am hooking them up to a 30 gal fish tank. This system will go in my southern kitchen window. I am making plans to build a 500 gallon system for the spring. Again anymore feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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