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I went down to the local building supply store and they didn't have anything like what I am looking for. I have an IBC tote system and I am up to the point where I paint it for the sun. I went looking for paint that will stick on a plastic surface and the store didn't have a black coat and a white surface coat.

Anyone have some ideas? I don't want the containers to grow algae.

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Krylon Fusion is made for plastics.  I've bought it at auto parts stores, walmart, and lowes.  I don't think you need specific colors, you just need to block the light.

Do you think a white coat will block the light or should I start with a black coat and cover it with a white coat? I live in the desert and it can get real hot. I should put a white coat on the outside.
If it's going to be sitting in the sun white would be a better choice than a darker color.  You don't necessarily have to paint directly on the plastic, though.  I'll be getting some totes soon and I've been thinking of applying contact paper to the cage.  Since the goal is to block the light from getting to the tank, you could wrap the cage and just leave the tank translucent.
Yea, mainly you are trying to protect the plastic from the UV from the sun and if you manage to do that you will probably also be blocking enough light from the tank to keep it from growing algae.  A small amount of surface algae inside the tank is not that big a deal either so I think just a thick white coating of paint would probably be enough, or you could choose a light color that you like best or just cover the cage to protect the plastic from light, either way works as far as I can tell.

I think I am going to spray paint the beds sides with some kind of paint. I will also wrap the fish tank with some kind of roofing paper or water proof paper. 


I put 1in styrofoam on mine then old reed blinds over that.  Got the styrofoam at lowes pretty cheap.  Have heater for tilapia so want to keep the heat in.  The other tank doesnt have a heater and it stays cool, even with sun baking. 
I picked up a gallon of mushroom paint at a garage sale down a few streets for $1.00. It is an exterior paint and should be OK at protecting plastic. I painted the beds already and I may still do the tank before I cut the top off.
It turns out the exterior paint is a bad idea. I wouldn't recommend it at all. I am thinking of trying some kind of plaster after the system is in place.
So what was the problem with the exterior paint?  Just won't stick to the plastic?  Or was it some kind of nasty oil paint?

First off it doesn't block much light, it doesn't look very nice, and yes it doesn't stick to the plastic, really its a complete failure.I doubt the plastic will last though one summer. I also want the system to look professional when it's complete. 



Bummer.  Well they do make spray paints specially meant to stick to plastic (though just about anything will come off when scratched or scraped.)


Hopefully you will have better luck wrapping it up with some attractive material.  I've seen people use the reed or bamboo screening for such purposes.

We used black Krylon Fusion paint on our IBCs. It's pretty hard not to scratch it. For that reason, I will probably use white the next time we do it.

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