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I am new to aquaponics but have read enough to be a bit perplexed when all my sprouts died at 1-3 inches, I suspected a mineral deficiency or a stagnation problem so I flushed the system a few times and brought home two healthy plants, I didnt have much time so I just set them in the room and did not put them into the system, within 48 hours their leaves turned black, this gave me a heads up that there might be something badly wrong with our air.  After doing some internet searches I found out it could be a gas leak so I called the gas company, they found a major carbon monoxide leak that could have killed us and has been very badly effecting my health and to some extent the health of my family.  I made a video about it so everyone can see just how aquaponics can save your life: 

How aquaponics saved our lives

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I knew the plants and fish could tell us somethings wrong if we could only listen.I am happy you acted fast and everyone is safe.

Wow, so glad for the happy ending.

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