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Hi All,

My new system is up and cycling with my seeds just starting to sprout.

Basic info:

Tank: 1100 litres

Growbeds: 4m2

System: Flood and Drain

Cycle: Pump runs 15 minutes per hour. Growbeds at full level for about 5 minutes. drain then takes about 30 minutes. idle for about 15 minutes then restarts.

I will be stocking 8 - 10cm Mozambique Talapia.

How many fish (in numbers, not weight as I have no idea how much a fingerling weighs)?



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How many liters of grow bed media is that?  I don't know how deep those beds are?

I would recommend starting out with only 20-25 fish per 500 liters of grow bed.

Hi TCLynx,

The grow beds are approximately 250 litres each (2000 x 500 x 30 but narrower at base).

There are 4 Grow Beds



so 40-50 fingerlings to start and if you are not fishlessly cycling up the bio-filter first, you will need to keep an eye on water quality for the first few months as the bio-filter cycles and you ramp up feeding.

Brilliant, thank you.

I am really looking forward to getting this going!

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