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Does anyone know what is in most/all of the API products (Stress Coat+, Stress Zyme, etc.) that could be harmful? Most of their products apparently state "For ornamental fish use only; not to be used on fish intended for human consumption."

I'm afraid I haven't been reading as much of the fine print as I should have been, until I recently purchased their "Pond-Zyme with Barley". I read the "For ornamental fish use only." part and since it didn't specifically state not to be used on fish for human consumption, I emailed them. Their response was that NONE of their products are to be used for that!! I've been using the tap water conditioners for about three years! So...they didn't elaborate on the consequences of eating the fish...cancer?...some other life altering difficulties? (Yes, I returned the product and got my money back.)

Is there some other product everyone here uses to remove the chlorine when replacing tank water, or adding to raise the level back up due to evaporation?

I wasn't sure whether to place this in the Water Topics, or Fish Topics. If not much response here, I may re-post under the Fish Topics.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the link!

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