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Living in South Florida, we get a good deal of rain.

I am sure the rain water will be great for the plants. 

I am planning to have an overflow provision on my fish tank, but was wondering how badly the balance on a system will be once rainwater has intruded?

Any thoughts on this issue?


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Well I've usually liked the addition of rain water to my systems since it usually happens when the weather is warm and the fish are eating well so dilution hasn't usually been a big issue.  Also, my well water is so hard that getting rain water to top up the system allows me to achieve a lower pH which also helps the plants.

Keep in mind, my location in inland central FL up on the Ridge seems to get missed by a lot of the rain so I don't get an abundance of rain overflowing my systems the way many other parts of Florida will.

We've had 3 days of storm, we are draining the fish tank because it's overflowing. Our leafy veggies look drenched! Looks like its wilting the leaves pretty badly. What can we do?

Probably not much to do unless you can put up some sort of roof to catch the rain and collect it in a cistern or rain tank of some sort.

Once the rain passes you can prune off the broken leaves and the plants will probably recover.

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