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I have a sick goldfish, no appetite, a big white spot on his body and his feces is long, white and stringy. My nitrates were running a bit high so a did a partial water change which seemed to have made him more happy. No other fish is affected so far. My question is how do you handle sick fish in an aquaponics system? Do you move them to a separate tank and give them meds? It doesn't feel good to eat food when the water has been treated. 

Thanks / Niklas

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You want to move the sick fish to a doctor tank. Salt treatment (put the fish in a very salty tank for a short duration) is good for parasites like ich. I'm not sure if your fish has ich or not, as ich usually expresses itself as multiple smaller white spots, not just one large spot.

sounds like a little bit of ich.  Nothing to worry about unless the fish quits eating, in which case you would a seperate tank to treat with a copper solution, malachite green, or cupramine

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