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How do you get rid of algae in a DWC Raft System ?

Greetings all,

I was wondering how you get rid of algae in a DWC raft system?

Could I use small catfish from a pet store to eat the algae. Since there is very little water flow, from my solar pump, I don't know that they would survive, besides the water temperature, even under a shade cover, is pretty warm. Plenty of aeration in the troughs though.

Any suggestions, ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated.

BTW ... The lettuce and spinach seeds in the net pots are growing well.

Here some pix of my system ... (on day one)


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I am new to Ap, but I have been using Barley Extract I get from Lowes in my system. Seems to work well and so far does not seem to be bothering anything. I have to admit I have been having some difficulty in setting mine started.

Keep the light out of your tanks by making your rafts a tight fit, and once your plants get going what little algae you have should have problems competing with the plants. At least that is the case for me now.

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