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my 1 inch pipe going from pump to fish tank needs to go up 4 feet then over six. So what i am wondering is whats the best way to do this one big L, lots of small ones, or one long 45 degree slant

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what is the rating for head hight on your pump?  What's your flow rate?

Robert J said:

what is the rating for head hight on your pump?  What's your flow rate?

she is rated for 8 feet at 2400 gph will that affect the angle of my plumbing?

No, but I wanted to be sure you weren't going to be facing a separate issue.  I'll start by saying I really hate fluid dynamics and am not the best guy to be explaining it.  But the simple answer is that every turn you make will add friction, the sharper the turn the more friction.  In your situation, the amount of friction is not likely a concern.  Ultimately, the head height is the biggest challenge we face in aquaponics.  The higher you push the water, the less effective your pump becomes.  There should be a chart on your pump or on the web about your pump that shows GPH at different head heights.

is the pump outlet 1"?

upsize your supply to 1.5" straight up to a 90 that feeds your 1.5" supply line, with outlets down to 1"... i have a 1" valve at each gb, then reduce to 3/4" supply at each outlet

Using 90 degree elbow sweeps instead of regular elbows can reduce friction. I'm not sure if they make them for 1 inch pvc though. I've never been able to find them.

I think the smallest you can get a sweep (drain) fitting is 1 1/4" in PVC. That is the minimum size for anything other than specialty drains like condensates in the plumbing code.

It wouldn't hurt to bump up the size of your pipe from 1" to 1 1/4" for the initial rise. Gravity pulls on the water at a rate of 1/2 lb per foot of rise. It all boils down to your pumps ability to push the water up against gravity. If your water is not speeding threw the pipe at a high flow rate, then adding a sweep fitting probably wouldn't do much for you. If it is moving at a high rate of speed, then it would help to decrease turbulence.

PVC is a water supply they do not make sweeping fitting called long bends this is a drain fitting and 11/2 will be the smallest for residential pluming. Now if you go to RV supplier my have different sizes as they have weird cods and are not subject to building code for residential living. You may find that tubing may work with street fitting ends and a hose clamp which means that one end of the fitting is ID to fit inside another fitting or male. If you make your pipe leaving the pump larger than the out let or size up it will tumble the water in the pipe making more friction and more weight for the pump. I say go bigger on the pump and bleed the excess off into the fish tank with a tee or make a water feature to tumble for water oxygenation as it drains back to the tank.  

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