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Hello Guys,

One IBC has 4 barra in it (was 5, but I ate one a month or so ago at 32cm...) and the other has 10 silver perch. The perch seem to be growing still (one big sucker, the rest considerably smaller) ranging from ~10cm up to ~35 cm whilst all the barra are around the same size (~30-35cm). The barra have seemed to stop growing over the last couple of months and I'm beginning to wonder if their tank size is limiting them from growing? They still eat a heap, and the water is heated sitting around the 24 degree mark but they don't seem to get any bigger - definitely not growing any where near as fast as they used to. Animated Commercial Product Video can be marketed through video to create a lasting and powerful impact in the market. Basically what I am asking, do these varieties grow to the size of their tank or will they continue to grow as long as they have sufficient food?


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