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How big do tilapia need to be before they'll eat Black soldier fly larvae?

I have relaunched my aquaponics installation and my fish are now about 3 inches or so long. How big do they need to be to eat the larvae? I don't want to start my BSF bin until the fish are big enough. 

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if it can fit into their mouths then they are big enough.

I don't know anything about BSF but I do know Tilapia will eat just about anything but take time to adjust to it. Everyone says they love duckweed but I find they prefer fish food. If I put them both in the tank they eat around the duckweed until the food is gone but will eventually eat it.

Yes. That's my experience too. I just switched them from fingerling food to the larger variety and they've been very slow to take to it. My last batch of fish would never eat the BSF. 

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