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If I ran 10 to 20 feet of 4 inch PVC underground where the water comes from the well by 1" pvc and into the house. Then circulated the pond water around the 1" inside the 4 inch pipe do you think I would get good free cooling?

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Yes, but enough to be significant, I don't know.

3.14 X (4x4) X 20 feet that come out to  53 gallons of cool water.

To a 300 gallon system just for those 3 hours of 11 to 2. I guess a experiment is in order.

What other varibles am I not thinking of?

Water hiding stagnate under ground for 20 hours.

What kind of DO do you think will come of this experiment?

How big a shock will the fish take?

George said:

Yes, but enough to be significant, I don't know.

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