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This is kind of off topic, even though I do have some hibiscus plants I started from seed that are doing quite amazingly well in my system (especially since they have tubes).

Has anyone made their own hibiscus tea? and whats the best place to get the medium or type to use for the tea bags?

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I have lord Baltimores and the heirloom from them which are pink.
I'm not sure what variety or part is used in the tea but I think it might be the variety with the red or pink foliage.  At least I know there is a Hibiscus variety that is grow for people to eat the leaves.

The whole flower is dried and used, Mmmmmm sitting here drinking a cop now.

Its been showed in a recent published paper to lower blood pressure. You really can tell the differance after drinking a cup or 2.

I've been using the whole flowers, which is fine for now, but when they dry they tend to crumble a bit, the reason I ask  where 1 gets the bag medium at for making teabags. I probably have about 8-10lbs and will get probably 20-30lb more before they quit producing. Dried will probably come out to 3-4 pounds.

I get probably 20-30 a day minimum. They're huge about 1 foot across.

You could use a coffee dripper with paper filter.

the mad german said:
the reason I ask  where 1 gets the bag medium at for making teabags.

Check out the Clever Dripper.  It makes great tea and coffee.


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