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Hero of Alexandria, 1st cen. C.E., has bell siphon, first 'Coke machine', turns water to wine.


Hi Y'all,


I find it fascinating to see how complex ancients were, unlike common stereotypes of them as two steps beyond cave men. Hero of Alexandria describes a bell siphon and many marvels of simple physics through translator Benet Woodcroft, London 1851.


What does this have to do with Aquaponics?  Many of these pneumatic and hydraulic devices may be used in ponds or tanks too.  I'm researching a low tech way to keep water aerated and flowing. (can't deliver on that yet)


Bell siphon:


First 'Coke Machine':   Image coin op beverage dispenser


Turns water into wine, evidently a common 1st cen. party trick.









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