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HELP!! I have had 1 koi die. Do not no why. Now I have a good size goldfish dead! My white koi has what appears to be 2 dark spots on its side, and the top of its body appears to be getting red. My Ammonia is below .25 PH is high 8.0 nitrite 0.25 nitrates at around 40. I have naturally high nitrates in well water. I have been cycling just tank for a month. Just started cycling water through my grow bed.

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With koi, sometimes their scale patterns change. Just make sure it's not that. I have koi, and when my white one suddenly developed an orange-red patch on its back, I panicked. I isolated it, but the patch was just that-- a patch. It now looks like a stretched out version of Hawaii.

As scary as ick is, koi are more resistant to it than goldfish. I'm not so sure about the other diseases, but keep a close eye on the fins for a clue. If the veins there are red, or even slightly cloudy, then you have a sick and stressed fish for sure.


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