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Help please...... Right now im trying to put together a small system in our office as a showcase but Im having difficulties lol. The water pump is taking all the water out of the tank and into the growing bed so I cant figure out how to keep the tank filled without overflowing the grow bed. Any suggestions???

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How big is your grow bed?  How is the water plumbed back to your reservoir?  What is the GPH of the pump you are using?  Once you answer these questions I should be able to offer you advice.

 Thanks for being willing to assist me. I had several things going wrong lol.....I needed a hose to connect to the water pump and someone removed the pvc device that stood as a stand still (that keeps the water from exceeding a certain level) which would'veprevented the over flow. After I figured that out I was able to add more water to the tank after the grow bed reached its water capapcity, but I also had to reduce the speed of the water pump

Did you get it fixed?

Yes I did thanks!!! Im getting around to uploading some pics lol


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