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Help!!! Please fill out Survey on Aquaponics. It will be used to design extension and research programs!

I am a research scientist and extension professional at Langston University in Oklahoma, a landgrant university. We have released a survey targeting aquaponics producers and hobbyists so that we can characterize the industry and determine what needs there are for research and for educational/extension materials. The survey was written with Oklahoma as its focus, however, if you are from another state or region, we would love for you to fill it out and just assume any questions that specifically state "Oklahoma" are for your location. We will be able to sort responses by location at the end of the study.

This is a really important survey, and it is kind of long, but if a few of you, especially those from Oklahoma, are able to complete it, it will go a long way to helping us help the industry thrive.

Feel free to copy this and share it with anyone who might be interested!!!!

Here is the link:

Additionally, we have a facebook group "Langston University Aquaponics Program" which anyone is welcome to join. :)

Thanks for your time!!!!

Malcolm L. McCallum, Ph.D.
Cooperative Research and Extension
Aquatic Resources Center
Langston, OK 73050

here is the link to the survey!

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