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i have a very very small worm looking organism in my water i thought i might be a parasite butt i can not figure i hope someone else know what it is  sorry for no pics it is to small

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Well there are some things that look like tiny red worms and they are actually midge larva (not dangerous to fish and many fish will happily eat them) but hard to tell without seeing it.

Hi Glenn,

Are they tiny white wriggling worms? I had these by the millions especially in the swirl/net filter(which is also a bio filter). After some reading I followed the advice of reducing my feeding and now they are gone. For me it was a case of overfeeding. If they aren't affecting the fish, and its not a crisis, you can try to reduce feeding and see what happens. 

Feeding fish this morning and I found out I have a hundred + baby tilapia so I pulled up my stool and sat there and watched them, I then noticed long translucent "worms"? attached to the side of the tank, of course I had to take a picture so I could ID them.  The photo attached is slightly adjusted and shot with a macro lens. It doesn't look quite like this with the naked eye it looks more clear or translucent. I would say it is 1/4 inch long.  Any ideas? I would like to assume that my system is running fine since I have a lot of fry around.  Thanks



Hum, maybe it's snail eggs?
Unless they were hitchhikers the only snails I have in the system are the trapdoor snails and from what I've read they have live babies instead of eggs. 

TCLynx said:
Hum, maybe it's snail eggs?
In any case, I'm not feeling too worried about it.  There is lots of very small life in an aquaponics system that we rarely notice and much if it will just become food for those tilapia as they grow, young tilapia are voracious eaters!

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