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We are in Bali.  Monsoon on the way at the moment so will return in a couple of hours.  

The property has a rectangular concrete pad 13x20.  At the moment, I can expand if this is not large enough.

How do I calculate for a 300 gal fish tank and 6 100 gal grow beds and all the other space needs please? How much space for the rest of the equipment with 4' isles.  

We are considering starting with Earthworm humus and moving up to fish once we have the humus working well.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help given. I'm very curious so will be checking in often.   Newbie in Bali

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Google is your friend here.  Try typing "300 gallons to cubic feet" in a Google search bar.  It'll respond with about 40 cubic feet or 69120 cubic inches.  What shape do you want the tank?  I hear that round is the ideal shape for high-density fish populations.  So, volume = height * pi * radius^2.  If you assume a height of say 3 feet (36 inches), then the radius is sqrt(volume / (height * pi)), or sqrt(69120 / (36 * pi)), which is about 24 inches, or two feet.  Thus the tank can be 4 foot diameter and 3 feet height to give roughly 300 gallons.

A 100 gallon grow bed is about 13 cubic feet.  This need to be probably 1 ft deep and 4 foot wide.  Any wider and it gets hard to reach the plants.  Some people prefer 2 or 3 foot wide grow beds, but that is up to you.  At 1 ft deep and 4 feet wide, that makes for a length of volume / (width * depth), or 13 cubic feet / (4ft * 1ft) which is about 40 inches, or 3 ft and 4 inches.  You will want at least 1 ft between grow beds; this is what I do in my garden.  However, to be comfortable 2 feet can be really nice if you have the room.  I would probably go with two 10 ft long rows for the grow beds with 2 foot path between them.

You have plenty of room for all of this on the 13x20 concrete pad.  You may want to scale up a bit and grow more vegetables given the space you have available. 

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