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I started aquaponics just about a month ago with 4 blue channel catfish and 15 feeder fish, I just two weeks ago added two strawberry plants. do I need more plants or more fish. im 14 so im just a little bit clueless about some of this.

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Dakota, welcome to the world of Aquaponics.  I wonder if your system has had enough time to cycle?  The one thing I can tell you is to read-read-read all you can on the subject of aquaponics.  Much of it is hit and miss but you will learn and you will grow (plants also) and you will become an aquaponist in your own right.  Welcome to the world of growing your own food.

Welcome Dakota; as Bob mention read all you can on the subject there is a wealth on knowledge on this site. How big is your system?  This will determine to a great extent how many fish and plants you can grow.  Any pictures?  Tom

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