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I just started my first APS as hobby.

My APS are consists of 1 unit 100 Igal HDPE circular tank, 2 units 50gal drum swirl tank cum biogical filter and 1 unit 50gal tank for pump sump. I am using 1 unit (Qmax 3.0 m3  @ Hmax 7m) 100W submersible pump to circulate my fish tank as well as my 3 nos vertical planters. 

I have 20 Tilapias and 10 Java Barbs fish at the moment. Size about 2 Inches long. I have just completed my fish cycle startup last 2 weeks. Its took about 2 weeks to get ammonia level from 4ppm to 0, and another 2 weeks to get nitrite level from 5ppm to 0. Now my reading is Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0 and Nitrate 5ppm and It has been for a week the nitrate level is maintained at 5 ppm. I feed my fish 3 time a day and i'm yet to introduce any plant. 

Can someone advice me when is it a good time now to introduce plant to my system as the nitrate level is only 5ppm? How many plant should i put in as this stage? How to increase the nitrate level?

My vertical planter is hollow and not stuffed with media and my plan is only put planting media in the net pot for plant support as well as to keep the root moist. Not sure whether it will work.

Any advise and comments are welcome.

Cheers :)

Wee TT



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Now is as good of a time as any! Depending on what you're growing, it'll take a while for your seeds to germinate and start drawing nutrients from your water.

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