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My wife and I are new to aquaponics and are currently collecting materials. So far we have purchased 5 used IBC's to build our first system. We have learned a lot from Murray's DVD's and this forum. Hopefully we can make a contribution to this forum and aquaponics. We are looking forward to growing our own vegetables and fish so that we can provide a healthier diet for ourselves and our 2 boys ( 3 and 2 ). I am planing a CHOP 2 system using 4 IBC's. 1 as FT and 3 for GB's. We have a small greenhouse for the GB's and the FT will be outside on the corner of the GH. Haven't decided the type of fish yet but I'm thinking about channel catfish and or maybe black crapple. I am thinking about cooling because July and Augest will be 95 or higher. I have been doing some research on cooling but have not decided on how to proceed yet. First things first get the system up and running. Can't wait.

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Sounds like your plan is coming together.  Don't know of anyone using black crappie in aquaponics -  I considered it going in but don't remember what made me decide against them - possibly it was that they don't take feed as well as other fish.  I went with Channel Catfish and Bluegill - killed almost all my catfish right off the bat with too much nitrite - not cycled up enough.  Going with native fish eliminates the need to heat or cool your water, as you probably know.  Good luck.

black crappie are hard to get on feed.. it can be done, but it's lots of work

With just an IBC as fish tank you will want to do a bit to mitigate temperature swings from day-night during strange hot days to really cold night seasons.  I would say you want to do this by making sure the greenhouse can really open up during hot weather since if it's 95 outdoors it could easily be over 120 in the greenhouse and your plants will be suffering if you can't shade and ventilate the greenhouse very well.

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