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I've been working on my system for  a little more than a year and is been quite an experience and fun. I have a small greenhouse 10' x 20' with a CHOP 2 system running:

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Nice veggies!

Question, to you and anyone else who uses a you need to 'paint-brush' your blossums in order for them to pollinate, or do you open up to allow natural pollinators?

I see the photo of your tilapia was taken a year ago May...what has been your average harvest weight? many do you have in what size tank?

I leave the doors open so it can pollinate naturaly but you tend to get uninvited bugs at the same time  you don't need. I am using IBC Tanks for the fishes and about 200 gallons of water  on each tank. I was trying to keep 30 tilapias in each tank but things got out of hand and they started breeding too fast, Before I realized I had over 200 tilapias and my system became unstable, I had to give most of them away to friends. About the harverst weight, I could not say for sure, if it looks big enough to eat then it goes to the grill...LOL

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