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Good Morning all! My name is Adam Cohen and four years ago I first learned about aquaponics while doing some research on traditional aquaculture. From that moment I was hooked, so to speak. Over the next two years I searched out every bit of information that I could find and learned what I could from the web. When I discovered Travis Hughey's Barrelponic manual, I just had to build one. That system went together easily and I operated it for almost three years - raising goldfish, tilapia and rainbow trout in successive crops.

A little about me, I have two B.S. degrees from Texas A&M - the first in Biology and the second in Marine Fisheries (with a focus on regulation and aquaculture). While I have done a number of things since then, the truth is that I am an educator at heart - I have spent a little over 10 years in the classroom teaching Math and Science. I have a strong interest in writing curriculum that could bring Aquaponics into more classrooms and how we can teach children today useful and truly marketable skills -- like problem solving and practical engineering!

I opened Green Phoenix Farms almost one year ago with the intention of developing a commercial production facility in the DFW area similar to that of Growing Power. I wanted (and still do) to bring that level of community interaction and growth to my local area. Earlier this year, I left my position at my school and decided to make the jump to doing this full time. I am working hard to turn this small business into a positive force in my community and I welcome all suggestions and advice. I have been doing AP now for 4 years, and every day I learn something new about it.

I currently give small classes and workshops in the DFW area about Aquaponics, with the goal of bringing more people into the hobby. I also work with interested parties to design and build custom aquaponic systems in their backyards and even indoors. I have begun the process to design a few ready to install systems that can be placed roughly anywhere, and the response on these has been pretty good. While I have not given up on my dream of having my own "Growing Power" style facility, I currently do not have the ability to buy/rent the land and get this started. So, I have expanded my timeline and now hope to be there sometime in the next 3-5 years.

I do have several systems in operation in the DFW area and if anyone is interested in seeing how my growth is going below are a few links. This system is about 750-800 gallons and set up along the CHOP design. We are using one IBC as a fish tank, the 10 barrel halves are the grow-beds and then a buried IBC is the sump. Originally we built the system with pvc fittings and I had horrible leaks that I just could not fix. In February of this year, we revised the system and upgraded all of the through-fittings to Uniseals and I have not had one leak since! Overall, this system has been running for one year, but about a month since it had been remodeled.

Sunrose growth update: March 17

Sunrose growth update: March 26

Sunrose growth update: March 30

I hope to learn a great deal from all of you! We are the Good Food Revolution!

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Hi Adam,


FYI you can actually put pictures directly into the posts (instead of as attachments) by using the img button (next to the Link button at the top of the post box)

Like this

Thank you TCLynx - I will put pictures in directly in future posts, but I was running short on time, and didn't want to re-write all the information that went with the photos - so the links were the easiest solution. Thanks for the pointer, I hadn't seen the img button.

How are you. Good job. I am currently studying on aquaponics, and would love to start one here in San Antonio. I am currently in the military, and get out in a year and a half. I would like to start when I get home from Afghanistan so that way I can jump to commercial as soon as possible. Any suggestions or help and guidance would be great.


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