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Hello all,

I just joined the site and have to say I wish I found it before I started my system (YouTube alone is hard to navigate although it did get me started).  I have always been a soil gardener and am getting older now and was looking for an easier way to grow veggies.  Aquaponics has sparked my interest so I decided to give it a try.  Unfortunately, I may not have a big enough system to be stable enough to work. 

The sump/fish tank is only a 32 gallon plastic trash can buried about 8 inches deep in the ground with dirt packed around it.  I was hoping this would help cool it during the summer months.  The grow bed is a kiddie pool with 4.75 cubic feet of river rock bought at Lowe's, about 7 inches deep. 

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Yea a bit small to be very stable but it's a start.

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