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I guess I should have introduced myself here rather than thru a message, my name is Scott and I live in Laveen.  I've have been raising parrots for 20+ years and my family has been raising Miniature horses 1999.  I am on this site because of the horses, my vet told me to add goldfish to the 150 gallon stock tanks to keep them clean and entice the horses to drink more water.  After doing some research and a link from my brother, I came to a crazy idea of turning the horses water into an aquaponics system.  The water will be cleaner and healthier for the horses and I am getting a second use from the tanks.  So here I am.

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I would take Dr Brooks up on his offer - he's an AP guru!!  Pick his brain if you have the chance  :)

Also, what kind of parrots do you have?  Mine is a little Brown Head...

Scott Bloom said:

Not sure what we have that you would like to see, just a bunch of horses standing around trying to stay cool, but I don't mind showing people the horse life.  Might want to wait until monsson ends and it cools off a bit.

Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr. said:

BTW I live near by and would love to see your place. Let me know.


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