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today i meet a guy that is starting a crayfish farming.. i trying to find as match info a possible thanks for the info

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Well from reading in a freshwater aquaculture book, looks to me as though extensive (as opposed to intensive) farming in rotation with rice in LA is the way to go for Crawfish.

I've seen some video of battery cage culture of yabbies in tanks and by the accounts over on BYAP it was barbaric and the poor things couldn't shed to grow very big being confined in the little floating cages so they were harvested quite small for the Japanese market.


Now I don't know how tank culture of most American crawfish would work seeing as many of them require being able to burrow in the mud near the water line to hibernate for a period and that doesn't work well in a tank so I expect they may be prone to escaping when they think it's time to go hibernate.  Now there are other types of crays that might not have that problem but I don't know how edible they are.


In general things like crayfish and shrimp and related species tend to be fairly territorial so you either need lots of space or some means of segregating them to keep them from killing each other.  Also hides and netting are often used to deal with some of this but those things all pose challenges in making sure all the creatures get their share of food and then making sure the waste gets sucked up out of the tank and then how do you inspect a tank full of cage, net or hides to make sure there are no dead creatures in there to foul the water.


For more details on raising such creatures in aquaculture you might look up stick fin farms who I think is raising redclaw.

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