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I had no luck heating my 250 gl ft's last year I would appreciate any help I can get

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LOL - thanks, Vlad.  Couldn't have said it better than that!

I ques it depends on your setup

I have a 1000 lt fish tank from where I gravitee feed 2 media and a float bed. They drain into a sump from where the water is pumped to the fish tank

I used 100mm PVC pipe - lengths depends on water levels etc 

3 100mm PVC stop ends

2kw Geyser element

and a Jaccuzi thermostat set at about 23 decrees

During the day I used about 120 meters of coiled irrigation pipe to head the water and at night I the heater

All the heating gets done in the sump, ( I  believe the heater could also go directly into the fish tank )

Hope this gives you some ideas - I could have used a Jaccuzi heater if I could afford it.

Anyone here in Arizona built a solar heater coil out of black plastic piping? I am thinking of hoking it upto another separate pump and running it maybe every hour to empty out the heated water in the coil.

Hi Arlene

I build them and they work great.  Kim Roman who posts on this site, used one last winter, was happy with and has gotten it hooked up for this winter again.

Mine makes about 10 degrees on a sunny winter day.

If you are interested in one please let me know.

Jim in Scottsdale

203.698.2626 cell/text


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