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I've just finished cycling a basement system with a 100 gallon rubbermaid stock tank.  The water temperature hovers around 63 degrees FT.  I imagine this will remain fairly constant during the year since it has both heating and AC.

Can I mount an aquarium heater to the side of the tank or will it get too hot for the HDPE?  Would it be better to dangle it towards the center?

What is the best wattage for 100 gallon system.  I'm looking at 200W to 300W

Thank You.

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BCP - I'm also using a 100 Rubbermaid stock tank for my FT.  My system has been cycled for a bit and I've had 20 tilapia living happily for a little over two weeks.  I've been using a 300w Sunleaves titanium heater with great success.  I simply place it on the bottom of the Rubbermaid FT.  I haven't had a problem with too much heat melting the FT.  I keep mine set on 78 degrees Fahrenheit and the fish are happy!  I've provided a link below of the heater I am currently using.  Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you for answering my question.   Good to know the heater won't melt the stock tank.

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