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Two years ago I purchased the propane/solar heater sold in the store. Well, my fish died last fall so I went ahead and shut down the heater for the winter to save money. Now I can't get it started again. I bought a new pump, but I know I need to rebleed the system, but I can't find the manual with the setup instructions.

If anyone out there has the same system and a copy of the manual, I would really appreciate it if you could send me a copy. The folks at the store don't seem to answer emails anymore.


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Can you provide more info. Mfg. name and model, etc. Perhaps what store it was from, a photo or description ertc... ? Anything might help.

It is the AquaHeat system sold in the aquaponic source store.

Have you tried reaching the aquaponic source store's customer service. I believe the number is +(855) 285-4252.

I looked and the sales ad is still up on the products page so it seems it is still supported. While looking, I noticed it has copper pipe fittings and the ad states that it should not be used for potable water. So, I assume that a heat exchanger was included to isolate the copper from your aquaponics system. Is this correct?

I hope the number helps and you can get a good owner's or service manual, and get your restart/startup procedure questions answered.

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