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Wow feels like summer already.  My greenhouse got up to 90 today.  I do not have evaporative coolersthe side roll up completely.  This will be our first summer and I am worried.  Should I purchase port a cools, a misting system or remodle the greenhouse to include the coolers.  It is 200 x 31 and we have an alluminate 30% shade cloth.  We raise lettuce and basil.  We are in east Texas so the heat has only just begun.

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Hum, east TX, are you in the humid gulf area?  If so evaporative coolers would probably not be all that effective.  Can't use swamp coolers in a swamp.  You might want to contact Gina from Green Acres organics since they are here in FL with our hot climate and humidity and see what has helped them the most in their greenhouse.

Fans definitely and the misting might help some but lettuce may be really difficult through summer.

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