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Have a friend looking to convert swimming pool to aquaponics or to a pond.

What a week, I have a friend that is looking to convert his swimming pool to AP.    It is already green with algae and he had this idea.    the low end he was going to make the grow bed, then drain it down to have a large deep end.   Then run the water up from the deep end to flood the gravel. 


Hmm the more I think of it I bet he could have floating rafts on the one end which would be MUCH easier than rock, put a net in the center     


Questions that come to mine.



1) There is GOBS of algae, could he not put catfish in and have enough oxygen  to support them?   


2) What if we go with a very low low low volume of fish say 100 catfish,    could we do just water swap outs for when the nitrogen builds up?


Looking for ideas....    this pool is screened in and seems perfect for growing plants / fish.   Only downside is in winter there is less sun with trees but in summer gets direct sun.


I have been to, but was looking to see other ideas / thoughts.    



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Get a pot, some potting soil and some gravel or sand. Cap the potting soil with a thick layer of gravel or sand. Then put the whole mess in the water. Koi and tilapia will probably find the plants tasty.


Today took a baseline reading of the water in the pool, tons of bugs in it, which is a good sign.   I had put in about 14 minows in the pool all lived, another good sign.


Testing :


PH  9.0

DO 8.2

Orp 50

Ammonia 0

Nitrate 0

Nitrite .05


very high PH.    I was thinking perhaps I could talk him in to growing SpirUlina? :-)


He said he had Muric (sp) acid, I was not sure if that was a good idea with with the fish, but at least now we have a baseline.


We estimate we have about 820 cubic feet of water ( using only the deep end of the pool )    so 6134 gallons of water for the fish.


Just found this video.   Thought it really relates to this thread.

Picked up over 100 Catfish, and 30 bluegill and added them to the swimming pool.

All of the minnows have done fine, and have tadpoles enjoying the pool.

There is an excellent video somewhere of a pool and the water being circulated through a gravel bed or beds and it worked very well.  I believe the pool was lightly stocked with fish and there were plants in the pool.  The water was clear and healthy, as I recall.

In order to prevent fish from getting pulled into the pump we installed this old washing machine screen.   It is working great to let the water in, and keep the fish out.   Since the pool is only like 5 feet deep we set the screen on a couple of tires which allows for easy access to the pump.     Now we can aerate the water.     

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