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I'm just starting up my system in Maine. I understand Tilapia is not an option in Maine. Can anyone recommend where I can purchase Trout from?

Appreciate any help so I get get started..

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There is a crop diversity center in southern Alberta Canada that tests aquaponics, I believe they use Tilapia and they get -35 winters.  Your tilapia should easily grow to edible size in under a year if you start them in a fish tank indoors during the winter.

As for a source of trout, google trout farms in maine, or something similar. You could also contact your local fisheries department and ask for listing of local trout farms. You might need to get them shipped from a trout farm if you don't have a local farm.

I found this one in Frenchville

You can grow tilapia in Maine.  You just need a permit.  Contact Dr. Russell Danner with Maine Inland Fish and Wildlife on import permit.  You will also have to talk with Steve Wilson for being permitted as an aquaculture facility.  If you want to do tilapia- you will need permits from both.  On trout- there are two options for the southern part of the state.  Bob Marsh of Pine Tree Trout in Sanford Maine.  The other is Sonny Pierce of Shy Beaver Hatcher in Hollis.

Did you ever get Tilapia? Herring Gut learning Center in Port Clyde sells them. You can get them from out of state, but the red tape may not be worth it. The state would like to keep the fish currently here from being exposed to outside dieseses. Where are you located?

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