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hey I am new to aquaponics and was wondering if anyone has ever used water from a stock tank or pond for the water I am looking at moving to a larger place this summer and it has a stock tank that is full of fish just thinking why not use the whole tank for my water system just pump my water from tank to grow beds and add a return line back to tank any thoughts if this would work or not would be helpful

thanks david


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That sounds like an aquaponics system....

What exactly are you asking? If you can use a stock tank or a pond as a fish tank?

That is exactly what AP (aquaponics) is all about. Any situation that has any concentration of excrement (fish) can be processed to make nutrients for (organic) hydroponic growing. I specialize in pond/ greenwater culture so yes ponds are great! Stock tanks are good too but not as natural, limited in size/ potential and a bit more finicky/ high tech/ high maintenance for my taste.

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