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I read on WIKI that fish emulsion has a NPK of 5-2-2 now my question is if I take a watering can and stick it in the pond will that water in the watering can have a NPK of 5-2-2?  I notice that the heavy solid fish emulsion sinks to the bottom. It there a way to harvest this fish emulsion on the bottom, vacuum, is it worth it? Or does the fish emulsion break up and all the water in the pond becomes a  fertilizer of 5-2-2.  I would like some education on this topic, links sites, anything. I am just afraid the fish water is not a strong enough fertilizer. thanks 

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LOL only on a fish forum.

matthew ferrell said:

O I was talking fish crap.  Emulsion smell is kept down with acid.  Which is what would make that particular product good for facials.

What Tc?  Are you oppose to incredibly soft skin or something?  It's almost natural.

no, just opposed to smelling like fish.

great response.

TCLynx said:

Depends on how rich the pond water is in nutrients.  If there are lots of plants growing in an AP system there might not be much excess nutrients in the water to be using the system water in the garden and the solid waste would be of more benefit to the garden, but if the system is not in perfect balance and there are excess nutrients, then using the water on the garden will be effective but if you have solid waste collecting anywhere in your fish tank then you want to get that out and you might as well use it on the garden.

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