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Guess who's coming to dinner! Just by luck I was admiring my green bell peppers, which are doing great by the way, and I came across an unwelcome guest and his brother eating away at my plants! These guys can really eat. I think they must have been there for a little while as they are about three to four inches long each. I think if they were to spend the night in the peppers tonight they would have wiped them out. I got lucky this time.

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Wow Chris - that is an excellent photo. Its an amazing looking creature. 

I'd be interested in seeing photos of your peppers and pepper plants too !

Ahhh the great horned catipillar. Time for some BT.

Chi Ma have you ever tried that? While I have no problem eating them if I were starving, right now my stomach isn't getting a vote.

Depending on the size of your fish, they might like eating them.  Around here they are more likely to go to my chickens though as they usually come running for treats when called.


Good catch, they would have done much damage if left for one more night.

lol..the internet has EVERYTHING!

Chi Ma said:

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