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hi , i want to start aquaponic commercially but i want to know what the production difference between 

ap and normal soil production of food ,

i totally got all the info of ap 


  media bed , nitro cycle ,fish-less cycling and i want to use drain system 

 but still confuse how to manage fish and plants in winter 

 but before commercially i want to test it in very small space 

 i want to grow roses 


  please help me 

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Roses should do well. The difference is that normally iron is harder to get through your fish feed/waste. So that may need to be supplemented. The main difference between aqua and soil that I have found is the difference in bacteria at the root zone. This can make a difference as to how much of what nutrient gets converted, as well as disease. This means that there is less trouble with soil-born diseases, but less help from beneficial organisms as well. I would absolutely test this out on a hobby system before investing in a greenhouse or anything like that so you understand the dynamics first. A media bed is a good choice for roses.

My pH has been too high which has invariably led to less production compared to my outdoor veggies growing in soil. Also it's hard to beat natural sunlight so that has been a factor for me. There are lots of factors to consider on both ends when comparing soil to hydro/aquaponics.

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