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Has anyone attempted to utilize nightcrawlers (growing them), maggots, or black soldier fly larvae as a form of natural fish food? They are significantly higher protein (50-65%) than most feeds, organic, and can aid in composting. The maggots would present a potential smell problem related to decomposing flesh, but black soldier flies aren't a pest, don't bother people, and generally clear 2-4 lbs of decaying organic matter a day in a compost pile if maintained. Was thinking of investing in attempting the black soldier fly thing. Looking for any additional possible insight if available.

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 On our farm we successfully grow redworms which are feed for our farm fowl and our fish.  BSFL are great too!  I am not the only ne doing this. Dive in and do it. You are on the right track.

  We have a commercial scale redworm farm, so we have lots, however our scale is not necessary to provide the feed needed for feed for fish and fowl.


Hopefully this is encouraging to you.



- Converse

Yes, and thanks! I was brainstorming ideas for compost storage and setting up a system for it.

Much has been written here about it.  Try the search feature to read those entries.

I supplement my fish food with worm and BSFL.

Thanks, I appreciate the guidance!

im poking around and looking to see what type of system I will end up putting up. fish type, beds, media, equipment, ect you I like the idea of raising the food not using commercial fish food.

having raised, bred, and kept aquarium fish for along time I can relate to the topic.


mosquito larva


worms of various types

beetle larva (grubs)

brine shrimp ( for those who don't know these are whats sold as "sea monkeys" lol"

guppys to feed to larger fish

just a list of some of the stuff ive used

I think my aquaponics system will accualy include 2 fish types, minnows and either crappie or catfish. the minnows to keep the mosquitos at bay and then the excess minnows to feed to the predator fish........

anyway glad to come across your thread.........nice to see im not the only one thinking along these lines

I feed my fish dubia and hissing cockroaches, black soldier fly larva, pellet food, and worms from my worm farms. tehy get a nice rotation of food. 

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