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Has anyone ever been to Will Allen's Growing Power workshops in Milwaukee?  I'm considering going, just have to be able to take the time off of work.  I'm just looking for feedback, positive or negative, so that I can determine if it's worth the drive and time off of work.  Also looking for feedback on the workshop at the University of Virgin Islands.  That's something I think I'd have to make a vacation out of seeing as it's so far away from Chicago.

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Well...It's a cool place for sure. I don't recommend taking the workshop if you're looking for a good aquaponics education. There have got to be better places to go. But it's neat to go and take a tour. The setups are pretty cool and the mushroom chandeliers they have there are what started my preoccupation with mushrooms. So, definitely worth visiting.

Thanks, I figured it would be a watered down aquaponics education due to the many different approaches to agriculture Growing Power has taken.  No anyone who's been to the University of Virgin Islands workshops?  They are obviously focused on aquaponics, I just wonder is most of their course content would be geared towards those in warmer climates than Chicago, Illinois.  If you know anyone who's been I'd love to talk, the prices seem reasonable so long as you plan your air travel months ahead of time.  

Greg Sarmas

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