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Does anyone in this forum have experience in growing medical cannabis in an aquaponics system? I  have applied to my local authorities for a licence, and expect a visit from a representative in a couple of days. So far I have experimented with the five plants i am allowed to grow legally and without a licence, The plants are growing slowly and seem to need more nourishment than the fish can give them. Plants in the system also get seaweed, iron chelate, and potassium from ripe banana skins. Today I added molasses to the water.

Any ideas? My system is just about six months old, and my very thriving tomato plant (from which I am reaping fruit) suggests that the system functions reasonably well - at least for fruiting plants.


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What is your nitrate level and PH?  I don't have experience with this but there may be youtube videos on the subject.  

If nitrate is low then it could be raised by more fish, more feeding, less competing plants, fish growing bigger (eating more).  Tilapia in warm water will feed three times per day.

what you might have to due is grow you pot in pots with holes and screen on the bottom to hold the dirt in but to allow the roots to grow through. the reason for this is that MJ is a very heavy feeder with the dirt you can add feed to the plants in the pots with out adding it to the rest of the system. I know that there is other discussions on here about that grow method. 

Hi there. It sounds like you are right that you are not giving them enough nutrients. Thankfully we have solutions for that. Here is a great aritcle I wrote about how to properly plant them. We also sell a great DvD of our class we teach here as well as teach a class 4+ times a teach with hands on experience with live cannabis plants here in colorado if you are also interested. We will also be offering all classes this year online as a streaming option as well. 

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