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Hi all,

I planted butter crunch and romaine lettuce in Hydroton. It started growing great then it started growing sideways and up again. After about a month it started wilting. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? I have an IBC system. The grow bed is about 10" deep. The tank is in the later stages of cycling.

Thanks, Neill in Waco, TX

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DWC is Deep Water Culture where I grow lettuce and other green. I use catfish in my 900 gallon pond/pool and goldfish in the IBC. I have thought about going to Talapia in the IBC but I have limited power out by the shade house.

So 800 watts at 120v is about 7 amps..... don't know if I have that available. I may need more since I have an additional 300-400 gallons in the 12x4 foot DWC..

Neill Morris said:

I have an 800 watt titanium aquarium heater. It has a thermostat/ thermometer. It maintains the temps perfectly. I also have a pool thermometer in the tank to double check. I am not familiar with the DWC's. Do you have warm water fish or cold water?

There are solar swimming pool heaters if you have access to more sunlight close by. Also Insulation. My tank is square so I was able to use 3/4" styrofoam insulation under the wood paneling. It is working well.

My tilapia were swimming on their sides at 54 degF.  They start eating again at around 62degF.  They would love 60-70-deg, Mine are still small being 12"

Dan Ponton said:

It does not need to be that hot I don't think! I have heard they can take temps down to mid 50's but not sure. If you keep the temp at 60-70 I would think it would be fine, but check on-line to be sure.

I have always heard that lettuce likes cool roots, so not sure about it growing in 80's water.

Thanks Matt,

That is what the research said too. I,m going to keep it in the mid 70's. They should be OK

Most types of tilapia won't be eating or growing much when the water temp is much below 70 F and they are likely in danger if the temp drops to the low 50s unless you are lucky enough to have some that are extremely hardy.

I grow channel catfish and bluegill since they are both warm water fish that can still survive cold water.  They don't quit eating completely till the water is down to about 55 F and they can survive down to almost freezing provided they are not tiny fingerlings and that the temp doesn't drop or swing too far in too short a time.  In a tank of less than 300 gallons I would recommend some temperature mitigation to keep the day/night temp from swinging too fast from a warm afternoon to a hard freeze night like we can sometimes get on an outdoor system here in Central FL.


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