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Can curcuma longa (turmeric) or ginger roots be successfully grown in an aquaponics system? Maybe in the aquapot fabric pots or a wicking bed? Especially for zone 9 (Phoenix), since the root needs a humid hot environment. Has anyone tried it? What was your experience? Successful? Tips, tricks, advice?

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I've not tried it yet. Here is something I found on it. Maybe you can contact him to see how it worked out.
Thank you!
You're welcome. I'm new and am still learning. Please let me know how it works out. I use a lot of powdered turmeric. Fresh would be great I'm sure.

I have been growing ginger since April, as a perennialish crop. It can rot at base of stems when past its best, but we'll worth it :) we have a flood and drain bell syphon system with tilapia.

In second picture you can see how it has spread out horizontally.  This was from one small knub, it took a while (months) to get going but is now pretty fast growing. The stems are delicious!

Sorry, pics didn't work!


Nice!  We were just wondering about ginger the other day... didn't know if it would thrive in AP or not.

If you are flooding the surface of your media, possibly that is causing it, along with other negative results.  Just a thought.

Beca Beeby said:

It can rot at base of stems when past its best, but we'll worth it 

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