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I looking for opinions on how often to flood my grow beds. I have a 7' long by 2' wide by 1' deep gravel grow bed and I am set up right now to fill in 18 1/2 min. and drain in 5 min. That's about 3 times an hour. To much??? To little??? What kind of cycle times are others using?

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how often does the water of your ft "turn over"?

I guess I don't understand what you're asking. I have a 100 gallon FT and the water to my grow bed is flowing at 1 gallon a min. That equates to about 18 1/2 gallons per cycle. So if you're asking how long does it take to go through 100 gallons then about 1hr. and 40min. to cycle the full 100 gallons.

Keith Rowan said:

how often does the water of your ft "turn over"?

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